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Band Members

Kevin Finnegan - GUITAR, VOCAL

The oldest member of the band, Kevin has recently enjoyed tremendous success as a solo artist on the East Coast in more "acoustic settings". Kev plays rhythm guitar and was widely recognized as the lead lyricist for WITE LITE. Prior band experience limited to TRIAGE, a 3 piece band that included Manchisi, Doyle and various electronic keyboards and percussion.

Tom Greene - BASS, VOCAL

Previous band credits include RUGBURN, which gained significant notoriety in the Midwest including a front page article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Entertainment Section.

Billy Greene - DRUMS, VOCAL

Previous band credits include the NUKES, BADBEETS and BENDERS. These bands were also quite popular in the Midwest and in fact the BadBeets released an album on clear vinyl back in the 80's, which hampered radio airplay as the DJ's couldn't see the breaks in the album tracks. 

Mike Manchisi - GUITAR, VOCALS

Previous band credits include CORK, a popular east coast band and PMA, which gained garage notoriety by performing hard rock covers of 60's-70's pop hits such as Please, Please Me, Midnight Confessions and Don't Pull Your Love. Along with Finnegan and Doyle, was a member of TRIAGE.


Though considered retired, Zach continues to make appearances with the band and lends vocal assistance on such tunes as Roadhouse Blues, Fire, Summertime Blues and the infamous original Jack Daniels Blues. Originally the lead guitarist for WITE LITE and providing occasional keyboard support (who could forget the 46th Street Progression), Zach has recently assumed management responsibilities under the stage name of "The Grand Wizard" and has made a number of guest vocal appearances recently resulting in "semi-retired" status


Along with Finnegan and Manchisi, a member of TRIAGE. Also, widely recognized for maintaining the largest musical archive of WITE LITE. 

Frank Manchisi (RETIRED) - FLUTE, VOCALS

By all accounts, the founding father of the current band, Frank is retired and has not made an on stage appearance in years. Most famous for songs like "Moochin Blues" and classic covers like A Land Down Under, Goin' Up the Country, and My Sunday Feeling. Rarer still are versions of Feels So Good and Paradise by the Sea where Frank provided saxophone duties. Vocal sightings recently occurred during Mike's 40th. Hopefully, a live appearance is in the future. 

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