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Turkey Bowl - 2023

 (Video below)
Clayton Greene in a crush over T-Bone 5-1.

The 28 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



Left to Right - Mike, Sean, Ben, Clayton, Chris, Andrew

The Losing Team





Left to Right - Vic, Brian, T-Bone, Ross, Andrew

The Rookies


Left to Right - Mike, Ross

Turkey Bowl 2023 took place on a new field (and obviously new sod) as property tax assessments in Ladue came to roost. A brand new school, and a new field resulted in the game being played on a narrower field. And while the new sod may have taken away from the speed of T-Bone's team , it wouldn't have made much of a difference as Clayton Greene's team simply dominated T-Bone, winning by a score of 5-1. Ben Miller (in a first) took MVP honors for his offensive and defensive line work. On offense, he gave Andrew all the time in the world to throw and when the rush finally got to him, he could simply run for first downs. On defense, Ben's rush gave T-Bone little time to throw and when he did, there was little zip on the ball resulting in a number of interceptions. 


Chris (last year's MVP) had 3 TD's and could easily have been MVP again as could Andrew who had a very good game at quarterback throwing TD's to Chris, Clayton, and rookie Michael to account for the 5 TD passes. He also had an interception. Clayton had the strongest game of his Turkey Bowl career and is currently second to Garrett Bruce in the active player standings (See below). Clayton was captain this year as Wes Greene was sidelined for no reason I could think of other than to promote VIBE apparel resulting in T-Bone's team having one less player and no subs. James Manchisi was also a no-show and was sorely missed as someone who could have possibly defended Ben. Instead, T-Bone , Ross and Brian Manchisi will probably be very sore tomorrow.

The only play of note for T-Bone's team was probably the catch of the game as Brian Manchisi pulled down a floater for their only touchdown.

Next year, Clayton and T-Bone will go for their 10th win to take the all time lead in wins since these records were kept (post 1998). and while the field will be in better shape (assuming Spoede school does not lock us out) the draft decision of speed versus line strength will need to be considered to bring home the elusive 10th win.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

NOTE: The Turkey Bowl Standings have been updated to include ACTIVE PLAYERS who have played in at least 3 games. Note that Chris is 2-0 with 1 MVP and could be at the top of the standings with a win in 2024.


Turkey Bowl Standings (2023)

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