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Turkey Bowl - 2004

Billy Greene Recaptures Trophy in 2004

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A snow induced low turnout (pretty weak Sean and John!!!!) forced the merging of the kids and adults which paired Bill Greene with his son Zach and Tom Greene with his son T-Bone. In the end Bill's team was too strong, winning by a score of 5-2 on a muddy and dangerous field. Bill's team (Bill, Zach, Dylan, Mike, Tim, Andrew, James) scored 3 unanswered touchdowns against Tom's team (Tom, t-Bone, Mike, Bob, Jacob, Brian and Matt) which resulted in a halftime scolding from coach Tom reminiscent of Vince Lombardi. The halftime talk was effective and resulted in a quick touchdown, but with the score 4-2, Bill hit Dylan on a long pass (twice given the first one was called out of bounds) to end the game. 

Dylan was named MVP scoring 3 touchdowns, though Bill Greene had a strong game at quarterback, hitting his son Zach on a long touchdown early in the game and also hitting Mike for a touchdown in a 5 TD performance. James Manchisi was strong on the defensive line with a pass rush that resulted in 2 sacks of his Dad.

On the other side of the field, QB Manchisi had a sub-par performance going without a completion in his first 6 passes, often overthrowing his receivers and failing to compensate for the muddy field. He did make a diving interception that was reversed on further review as being out-of-bounds, one of many questionable out-of-bounds calls throughout the game. Coach Tom stuck to a game plan of flare outs which was very effective, and young Brian Manchisi had a strong offensive game scoring one touchdown and almost running the length of the field with a screen pass. Bob Greene pulled a muscle early in the game and his inability to return made it difficult for Tom's team to cover the strong adult speed of Bill's team.

Hopefully, 2005 will see a better turnout as time is running out for the adult contests!

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