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Turkey Bowl - 2021

Zach and new captain Wes take 2021 Turkey Bowl 5-2 (Video below)

The 28 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here









The Winning Team

Left to Right - Wes, Andrew, Andrew, Zach, Garrett,James,Zach, Ryan

The Losing Team





Left to Right - Alex, Clayton, T-Bone, Brian, Vic, Sean

On a cold Thanksgiving morning, new captain Wes Greene under the tutelage of Zach handily defeated T-Bone's team by the score of 5-2. It didn't look good early on as Spoede School looked to be a construction site, but after finding our way back, the field was staked and the game began. First draft pick Garrett looked to be in command from the first play and while the first few series did not produce any touchdowns, a great end zone  interception by MVP Andrew seemed to turn the tide. Andrew would also catch 2 touchdowns including a great catch in the end zone threaded by quarterback Garrett. Here is the video

Wes Greene also caught a TD and Garrett ran for two more to cover the winning team scoring.  On T-Bones team, Brian Manchisi caught a touchdown as did Vic Lombardo but T also threw 2 interceptions in a losing effort. Other plays of note included James Manchisi negating a T-Bone touchdown to Brian with a QB sack, Clayton being denied TD by Garrett in the end zone with a big hit and in a Turkey Bowl first, a fumbled snap!!! Clayton had a chance with a win to sit a top the Turkey Bowl standings, but after todays fall, needs to begin the 4 year climb to get back!

It was great to see the game back in session after a COVID absence in 2020 and we look forward to the tradition continuing in 2022! Happy T

Thanksgiving all.

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Turkey Bowl Standings (2021)

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