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Turkey Bowl - 2009

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The Winning Team



The Losing Team




It must have been fate as Brian Manchisi's fortune cookie the night before at China in Bombay read "You soon will have your moment of Glory". With two touchdowns, two interceptions (should have been 3) and strong kickoffs, Brian secured MVP honors as Young T-Bones team (Jacob , Mike, Brian, Mike, Raffaelle, Wesley, Sean, Tyler and Vic) defeated Zach's team (Matt, Bill, Brian, Justin, Clayton, Zach Higdon, James, Buckwheat and others who arrived after the picture) by the score of 5-2 as the adults and kids combined in what was likely the passing of the torch to the kids. Zach Greene also  got the same fortune cookie though other than a touchdown catch where he ran the length of the field, he is likely still waiting.

Sean was again strong at quarterback throwing  2 touchdowns to Tyler and Mike along with one to Raffaelle that was called back as he looked to have stepped out of bounds.  In fact, Sean was the first draft pick in the game, which made all the adults proud and says a lot about the importance of the quarterback, especially after watching the ducks that were thrown by the losing team including 4 interceptions. Young T-Bone was strong on the line and made a number of great catches including a 4th down play to keep a drive alive.

While talking retirement prior to the game, the three 12 year veterans (Mike, Mike and Bill) vowed to return given the new format that allows lots of substitution time. Thankfully, no one was hurt this year which has become the adult's priority. 

In a nod to the digital age, James Manchisi kept his cell phone while on the field and was even texting. (Terrell Owens would be proud)

The loss by Bill represents his eighth, the most of any active player, joining a number of Greene's at the bottom of the standings. Here's hoping that 2010 will reverse the trend......



Given the 12th year of recording Turkey Bowls, I've included the standings for players who have played at least 3 Turkey Bowls during the past 12 years. Credit to Bill and the two Mikes for appearing in all 12 of the Turkey Bowls, and Michael Kapnick for most wins (8).

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