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Turkey Bowl - 2015

T-Bone 3 Peats and wins the 2015 Turkey Bowl 5-4. Video below.

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



Back Row - Ben, Ryan, Clayton, Wes, Austin, Todd, Chris

Front Row - Brian, Garrett, T-Bone


The Losing Team





Left to Right - Andrew, James, Vic, Higdon, Cory, Zach, Anthony, Evan, Tyler, Sean

A gorgeous day (probably the best turkey bowl weather wise on record ) and one of the largest turnouts (Including the grandfounding fathers!) saw T-Bone Greene win his 3rd straight Turkey Bowl. It was one of the most competitive games on record with Garrett Bruce diving across the goal line for a 5-4 victory. Garrett claimed MVP honors with 4 touchdown passes,  an interception and a run for a touchdown, though newcomer Chris had a strong showing as well with two touchdown catches and was in contention for MVP honors as well. Ben provided strong offense and defensive line  and T-Bone Greene again proved his coaching prowess with an excellent draft . Brian Manchisi  hurt his shoulder on the first play but rebounded for a strong showing. Vic Lombardo made a rare appearance and had the games best catch of the day and a strong defensive showing by both teams led to long game. Ryan Greene also had a strong rookie showing and took the biggest hit of the day from Anthony Gatti (and lived to tell about it) . On the other side of the ball Cory had a strong game (including an interception) and newcomer Evan provided additional quarterbacking strength. Zach Higdon scored two days but broke a 3 game winning streak in defeat.

We are two years away from the 50th anniversary and WITE LITE is already in discussions for the halftime show. Good game boys!



















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