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Turkey Bowl - 2006

Storybook Stevie!

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After a long absence, Stevie Greene returned to the Turkey Bowl as captain in a storybook performance scoring 4 touchdowns and capturing the MVP. Stevie's team of Ryan, Joey, Jeff and Mike defeated Bob Greene's team of Sean, Mike, Raffaele and Bill by the score of 5-2. Clearly showing their age, Mike Manchisi and long-time captain Bill Greene were drafted second to last and last as both captains went for youth and speed. It's been quite an amazing year for Stevie as his Cardinal's won the world series (click here for his YOUTUBE performance).

The game started out poorly with a number of no shows by regulars (Dylan and Tim) as well as Tom Greene who again traded the Turkey Bowl tradition for IOWA bowl. As if that wasn't bad enough, Tom did not bring the coveted turkey bowl trophy leaving the players  to drink out of Mary Greene's mixing bowl. In place of the no shows the Hell's Angels made an unscheduled appearance.

Sean threw two interceptions (one by Jeff Gatti who almost took it coast to coast) but his team had a number of dropped passes making his QB rating worse than it should have been. Bill Greene (who did have a strong kickoff return) had a sure touchdown until he came up limping with a strained calf muscle. Bob Greene also pulled a hamstring and Mike Manchisi had a bruised knee proving that the older folks have hit the twilight of their careers. All three have hinted at retirement though a year is a long-time to reconsider.

While Stevie was the unanimous MVP choice, quarterback Ryan was outstanding in his playcalling (who knew what a hook and ladder was?) and audibles at the line in a Peytonesque performance. In addition, Ryan made the game ending interception and in a classy move, flipped the ball to Stevie to score the winning touchdown.

In the kids game, Brian Manchisi took MVP honors as the team of Brian, Zach Higdon, Wesley, Andrew, Jacob, Matt and Buckwheat defeated Zach Greene, James, Clayton, Vic, Anthony, Sean, Josh and Ben by the score of 7-4. Neither quarterback threw any interceptions and QB Matt Burmaster was strong in leading Brian's team to victory. 

Lots of decisions to be made in 2007 but for now, Bill, Bob and Mike will recuperate while Stevie celebrates the game of his life!

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Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

I don't know what I did to deserve such good fortune at this year's Turkey Bowl, but after many year's of being the Turkey Bowl turkey, I'll take it. As you can see from the team photo, I am quite excited about my performance. Usually, I'm 'hard on' myself after the Turkey Bowl; I certainly prefer just having one. To my QB and cousin, Ryan Cronin, I say thank you for putting the ball in places where even I couldn't drop it. The game summary captured it perfectly: First the Cardinals winning the World Series, and now this. What a year!!



Dear editor,

Congratulations to the Storybook kid! A well deserved MVP who had instant karma the minute he laced up his cleats. Yet, while looking at the pictures on the web site, I have to wonder what the V in MVP stands for. ( Viagra? ) I, on the other hand, have realized that time is not on my side. As I sit here with an ice pack on my calf, I can't help to think about all the turkey bowl games that have been played in our great family tradition. When we were younger, we played on many fields: 46th street in Astoria, Searington, N.Y., Boonton, N.J., West Ladue Jr high, and for the last decade or more, Spoede School. It has also been a recent tradition for my son and me to listen to Queen's We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions in the car on the way to the game. It was quite fitting this year that we listened to Little Feat's Old Folks Boogie on the way home today. I have come to realize that as far as the turkey bowl is concerned, I am a man out of time. Yes, it has been a long honeymoon but as for next years turkey bowl, I got a feeling you won't see me but tomorrow never knows...

Bill Greene

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