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The Gods cooperated last night in Town and Country and the WITE LITE reunion gig was a memorable event! Threats of rain throughout the day never materialized and WITE LITE hit the outdoor stage (The terrace at Bob and Wendy Greene's home) at around 6:30 with one of the larger sound systems ever seen in Town and Country. (Special thanks to Ponch for keeping the sound at ?comfortable? listening levels as well as Ralph Gatti for road crew work)

The opening standard (Cadillac Ranch) was followed by Summertime Blues with Zach Manchisi on lead vocals. Zach would later bring the house down with versions of Roadhouse Blues, Fire, Twist and Shout and Jack Daniels Blues. Kevin Finnegan (without Lucille for the first time) provided the evening bantor and turned in great vocal performances on When the Whip Comes Down and especially No Woman, No Cry. Tim Doyle provided great keyboard support on standouts such as Fight for your Right and Apolitical Blues.

The two set performance featured many Beatles tunes though Manchisi's song selection of Please, Please Me and War Pigs in succession would later come into question as it cleared the dance floor and turned into the final song selection of the evening. (Click here for complete song list) Bill, Tom and Mike provided the backbone and the only thing missing tonight was Frank Manchisi to make it a complete reunion.

The session was videotaped from multiple actions and an audio tape board mix also exists though heavy on vocals and keyboards. Discussions are underway to release the commemorative video by Christmas!


Now I understand what Michael Lang went through with WOODSTOCK! Just days away from the Sunday reunion gig, many plans had fallen through. All halls were booked and elder statesman Frank Manchisi had backed out due to "other commitments" (the Mike Nesmith of WITE LITE!). Even worse, guitarist Kevin Finnegan (3rd from left below) was unable to pack his guitar for the trip in what has to be one of the lamest excuses heard in recent history.

Not to be denied, the band pushed on. A  guitar has been rented for Finnegan, the band has secured Ponch to provide soundmixing and a PA (Ponch has specifically asked to mix WITE LITE) and the gig has been renamed WENDYSTOCK in honor of Wendy Greene, who has so graciously volunteered to provide an outdoor venue at her luxurious home.


Plans are in the early stages, but in celebration of WITE LITE's 30th Anniversary, promoters are actively attempting to reunite band members for a reunion concert on September 5th, 1999 at a venue to be announced later in St. Louis. If successful, this would be the first time that founding members (Frank Manchisi, James Manchisi), retired members (Tim Doyle) and current members (Mike Manchisi, Tom Greene, Bill Greene and Kevin Finnegan) would be playing together in over 10 years! (Actually the last recordings of the entire band pictured below dateback to August 15, 1988, where Frank Manchisi turned in stellar performances of "Down Under" & "Goin Up The Country" and Zach Manchisi handled vocal chores for "I Drink Alone" and "Hearts of Stone". Click here for the complete? set list)

Stay tuned.........

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