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Wellington Man Calls Shot 

By Chip N. Parr of the Palm Beach County Conservative-Republican staff 

In a case of the "blind squirrel/acorn" theory coming true, local resident John Greene aced the eighth hole Saturday at the Thurston B. Howell III Memorial Golf & Country Club in Wellington.  Greene, who was accompanied by his 12-year-old son Mitchell, said he predicted the hole-in-one before teeing it up.   

"I told Mitch that daddy is going to make a hole-in-one, just for him," a teary-eyed Greene said.  "And when it happened, well ... you couldn't find a Hollywood director to script it any better.  God bless the USA!" 

But Mitchell tells quite a different tale.   

"All day, my dad wouldn't stop complaining about Hillary," said Mitchell, referring to Hillary Clinton, who announced earlier in the day that she is entering the 2008 presidential race.  "And then before the eighth hole, he said, 'That, um, witch, has as much chance of being president as I have of getting a hole-in-one right now.  In fact, I'll vote for her if I make it.'"   

John later refused comment on Mitchell's version of events.


John's Version

I was on the tee box on #8 and I looked at 

Mitchell and told him I was going to hit my first hole in one and that he was going to be my witness. I 

hit my 9 iron 153 yards but I did not see it go into the cup. I knew I hit it well and I saw it hit the green 

just in front of the pin. As we drove up to the green, we did not see my ball anywhere on the green. 

Mitch and I ran to the flag and sure enough, my ball was in the cup. It was awesome!!!

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