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Turkey Bowl - 2016

T-Bone 4-Peats! (Video Recap Below)

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



Left to Right - Brian, Michael, Vic, Matt, Trevor, Evan, T-Bone, Anthony, Cory, Sean, Andrew, ??


The Losing Team





Left to Right - Adam, Wes, Chris, Ben, Zach, Andrew, Chris, Zach, Clayton, Garrett, James, Ryan

The largest turnout in Turkey Bowl history saw one of the shortest games as T-Bone took his 4th victory in a row, defeating Zach's team 5-2. in the 49th annual contest.  Some in fact thought that the national anthem was longer than the contest itself (Thanks Jimi) and some of the participants need to brush up on their rock n roll history. The game started out with two quick touchdowns on both sides with MVP Corey hitting T-Bone and Brian for the winning team's scores. The game turned bittersweet prior to the half with Zach coming down on his knee and having to sit out the rest of the game before being carried off to St. John's medical center. This prompted Michael Kennedy to blend in with crowd and attain the dubious distinction of being on the winning team despite not being on the field for a single play! Cory was unanimous MVP and Most Valuable Personal Trainer attending to Zach on the ground and then throwing touchdown passes to Evan and Anthony before running in the final score of the game after Vic Lombardo (yes he made it this time) intercepted Garrett to put the game out of reach.

Get well Zach! Their is a story to be written here to come back from adversity and win. Or will T-Bone take 5 in a row? One thing is for sure. Judging by the standings for Zach there is nowhere to go but up.

Next year marks the 50th anniversary with plans underway for a Legends game, Hall of Fame dinner and a WITE LITE halftime show. TRADITION!!

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