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Turkey Bowl - 2000


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The Winning Team












In a much more defensive game than in 1999,  the team of Tom, Mike, Mike, Tim and Barry defeated Bill, Bob, John, Butch and Steven by a score of 5-3. The game also included a late game substitution of Dylan for John Greene which gave Bill Greene's team a clear speed advantage. Given Bill's inability to win with this receiving core, one has to wonder if he will ever regain the cup from his older brother!!

Bill's team scored the first two touchdowns of the game  and it looked like another quick game at that point. Manchisi, who was totally ineffective at quarterback early on in the game, finally hit Barry to put Tom's team on the board. Despite Manchisi's sub-par performance early on, coach Tom Greene stuck with the QB who would later gain his form and throw for 5 touchdowns. This combined with a defensive interception, earned Manchisi MVP honors in the 2000 classic. With the score 2-1 and Tom's team driving, Manchisi threw a ball into the endzone that should have been picked off by Bill who had a clear endzone to endzone touchdown. Bill did not make the play and many afterwards believed it to be the turning point of the game. Tom Greene also went down with a knee injury early on but played on giving his team the added inspiration to overcome the deficit and speed. Tom also made a key interception in the endzone with the score 4-3 and Bill's team moving in for the tie.


Bill Greene was a non-factor in the game and in addition to two dropped interceptions, was beaten on a long touchdown to put Tom's team ahead 3-2. Mike and Tim both caught 2 touchdowns for Tom's team to contribute to the win. Butch (aka Madison), who started strong, was not able to continue the pace and later commented that his sub-par performance was the reason for his team's loss. That's debatable, given Bill Greene's performance though clearly there is enough blame to spread around for the team's inability to hold a lead even with Dylan's late substitution.

The win was even better given the new Turkey Bowl trophy that made it's debut for the 2000 classic. Tom lived up to his promise from last year, giving the cup a much needed overhaul. The cup is now on its way to the engravers and will remain in Tom's possession until younger brother Bill Greene can figure on a way to stop the dynasty.



In the kid's game, the team of Zach, Brian, Vic, Raffaele, Matt, Josh and Will defeated the team of Tommy, Eric, James Jeffrey, Anthony,and Mitch by a score of 11-10. Matt Bierman was named MVP though Jeff Gatti played an outstanding game in defeat for young T-Bone.

In other news Zach scored the winning touchdown on the last play of the game. Rafael was QB and threw a five yard TD on 4th and 1 completion to win the game. For Zachs team Brian's friend Vic played good and was open the whole game. Brian also contributed with a couple TD's. At the end of the half Zach made a huge interception to keep the game tied at 4. On Tommy's team Ryan had a big game for Tommy and used his speed wisely in sometimes triple coverage. James played a mediocre game and caught 1 TD. Jeffrey had a great game with 4 TD's and a interception. Also Eric played a good game and was a good QB with 7 td passes. Will was a great team player with a lot of pressure on the QB. It was a big win for Zach's team and Zach goes to 3-0 in the all time record. Tommy in his first time being a captain did a good job of picking in a great well played game. After all this Zachs team will be the first engravement on the new trophy!!!! (Zach Greene contributed to this article)

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Letters to the Editor


We are the Champions my friend. Neither me or Brian was MVP, It was a great team effort and matt deserved MVP.  WAY TO GO MATT, YOU DESERVED IT!!!!!!!

Sincerely Zach Greene(99 MVP)     



If i get to st. louis next year i will be the M.V.P.! just wait and see! soon you will feel the wrath of beavis!

Mike (the beave) Manchisi



Looks like little Zach has matured a little - he's not claiming he was the MVP this year.  He is no longer a sore-winner.  One of these years when he experiences the agony of defeat like his old man, I hope he doesn't go back to his old, cry-baby ways!

Big (kick-back) Zach


Hey Kick-Back Zach and Beavis,

What do u mean I have matured a little, last year Brian was not the MVP and I was not a sore-winner. And beavis I know you can talk the talk but can u walk the walk. Well see next year if u are really the MVP. And just so u guys know I AM THE CHAMPION OF THIS YEAR AND THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!!!!





WWWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp. Mike, its little Tbone. Was your game takele or tuch? So was my dad a cheater or not? You were luckey to be on my pops team. The articles were great. Why wasent steven MVP?  





I will be there next year to kick butt in the turkey bowl, my team will win and i will be named MVP. (you better watch out)

Richie (mvp) manchisi

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