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Turkey Bowl - 2001


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The Winning Team




The Losing Team





Speed, a Strong Defense and an excellent draft help Billy regain the Crown!!

The strongest turnout in Turkey Bowl history (who were those guys anyway?) ended with Bill Greene regaining the coveted Turkey Bowl by a score of 5-2. Bill had clearly done his homework in recruiting a stable of young, fast talent that paid dividends throughout the game. in an effort to match the speed picked during the draft, Tom selected Tim though after he went down on the second play of the game in what certainly looked like a torn ACL, it looked like trouble. 

After winning the opening kickoff, Tom's team drove down the field with a "West Coast" style offense and solid play calling in what could rank as the longest drive in Turkey Bowl history. Bill's team answered quickly and quarterback Sean hit Butch (covered by Eric) to tie the game. Sean played a solid game throughout to take MVP honors in the 2001 classic.

Tom's team tried to answer back though quarterback Manchisi threw an interception (his first of three in the game in a sub-par performance). The game was dominated by turnovers with Bill's team making four interceptions (the last by Bill himself in a redeeming effort from last year) and Tom's team had two interceptions (both by Manchisi).

Ultimately, it was the speed of Bill's team and their extremely tight defense that was the difference. Playing bump and run from the line, it was difficult for Tom's team to get off the line within 3 "Mississippi". This was further complicated by John Sylvestri's safety blitz's from the line prompting an English lesson (their are FOUR syllables in MISSISSIPPI!!).

Mike caught two touchdowns, the key one (and backbreaker) occurring late in the game. With Bill's team up 3-2, a fourth and long option to Sylvestri puzzled the defense and with plenty of time, John hit Mike to go ahead 4-2.

It's obvious that the new talent taking part in the game will require much more planning in the off season to ensure a better match up!



The Kid's game was sparked with controversy in what will certainly result in letters to the editor. What started out as a 9 on 9 game ended in a 4 on 4 with T-Bones team (long gone by that time) defeating Zach's team by the score of 17-16 with MVP Ryan going coast to coast for the game winning touchdown!

The controversy surrounds the fact that Zach's team (Zach, Brian, Scott , Vic and others) were actually ahead 15-14 against Tom's team (Tom, Jeff, James, Ryan, Anthony and others) though the game continued on. After the game, Zach protested that the original game was to go to 15 and that his team therefore should have one. To this writer, the game continued on and ended with Ryan's kickoff return.

Stellar performances throughout with Zach throwing many TD's and all the kids playing better and better. The recent drafting of Eric and Raffaele to the adult game prove that this T-Bowl tradition will live on for a long, long time.

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Letters to the Editor


The turkey bowl this year for the kids had a lot of controversy. At halftime we all agreed that we would play first one to 15. When my team got to 15 the other team said that you have to win by 2. Actually that is not the case in football. So sincethey were all wining that you have to win by 2 we kept playing. When they one it was just because we had to leave. I hope that you understand my point and change the winners of the 2001 TURKEY BOWL to ZACH'S TEAM!!!!




Don't give me that Zach.  Jeff's team clearly cleaned your clock with much better athleticism and speed.  The late draft of myself was enough to pound the little remaining life out of your team.  Ryan, Jeff, Anthony, Will, Tommy, myself and others beat you and you are going to have to live with that until next year. 




Hey RA!! I believe that this year you were in the adult turkey bowl. So you have no reason to be commenting on the kid bowl even though you played a little toward the end. THE ZaCHO PLAY WAS AWESOME SO DONT MAKE FUN OF IT! 




Face it zach, You LOST!!!!!!!  I just hope I have better competition next year.

Tommy Greene

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