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Turkey Bowl - 2012

Zach Crushes!

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



(From Top Left to Right Clayton, Zach H, Cory, Zach, Raffaelle, Patrick, Garrett, Ben, Andrew)


The Losing Team




(From  Left to Right Jeff, Mike D, T-Bone, Mike M, Brian, Vic, Wes, James)

There were signs. The fortune cookie at China in Bombay said young T-Bone would receive sage advice and to listen yet his calls to his dad were unreturned. Manchisi's 15 year old cleats cracked in warmups and by the middle of the game looked more like ballet slippers. But there really are no excuses as Zach Greene's team of  Clayton, Zach H, Cory, Zach, Raffaelle, Patrick, Garrett, Ben, Andrew crushed T-Bone Greene's team of Jeff, Mike D, T-Bone, Mike M, Brian, Vic, Wes, James 5-0 in what may be the first shut-out in the history of the game. Garrett Bruce took MVP honors with an interception, many break-ups of plays and most notably intimidating an offense  that  tried to call plays to get him out of the free safety position with little success. That and Ben's menacing pass rush caused Manchisi to throw 3 interceptions, the last being run back for a touchdown by Cory who also threw for 3 touchdowns to Ben, Zach Greene and Patrick. Patrick even had an interception return for a touchdown in what will long be known as the "Cluster". Manchisi was unprepared for the blitz, pitched the ball to Brian who was just as panicked as his dad and threw an interception into Patrick's hands.

The game was competitive early and both teams were unable to score on their first two possessions. Brian Manchisi made a circus catch in the endzone but was out of bounds. And by the time Zach's team got their rhythm, they were unstoppable. Ben as an offensive lineman gave Cory all the time in the world, so much so that T-Bone's team stopped rushing towards the end of the game. And on defense, Ben's pass rush left little time for Manchisi though I'm not sure it would have really mattered. As Grandpa Manchisi said after the game, "You really had a bad game". Thanks Dad!

Zach Higdon had early game jitters dropping the first pass thrown to him but snapped out of it to record his first adult victory in what no doubt is a special day for him.

After the victory, the team celebrated with Wild Turkey and drinks from the Turkey Bowl trophy. 

With the Notre Dame jersey in shambles, and the cleats hanging from the trees at Spoede school. It looks like it is time to pass the torch to the youngsters and stick to the sidelines, as Bill Greene did and provided marvelous photography as is shown below.

Happy Thanksgiving All.

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