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Turkey Bowl -2003

Jeff City Rules the 2003 Turkey Bowl

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here








Tom Greene again had the better of his younger brother in the 2003 Turkey Bowl, defeating Bill and his team by the score of 5-3. Tom's team (Tom, Mike, Mike, Bob and John) played virtually flawless football in a game that was dominated mostly by line play. Bill's team (Bill, Sean, Dylan, Barry and Tim) had little time on offense with Tom Greene providing a fierce rush throughout the game. In fact, Tom recorded 3 sacks in the game which may be a record for these Turkey Bowl contest. Quarterback Sean (a two-time MVP) had a good game overall though was hampered by a sore leg making it difficult for him to scramble. Sean also threw two interceptions to Mike, the last resulting in the game ending drive.

While Sean had little to no time to throw the ball, quarterback Manchisi had plenty of time (thanks to Tom Greene's outstanding pass protection) and was able to scramble on a number of occasions, one for a touchdown and another for a long gain early in the game that could have been a touchdown had it not been for his 4.0 (minutes!) speed. He's clearly lost a step (maybe even a leg) though was very accurate in his passing game throughout the day. 

MVP honors were shared by the entire team (a first in Turkey Bowl play) as everyone played extremely well throughout the day. Short passes ruled the day and flare-outs and option plays to John Sylvestri were successful on most every occasion. On special team's, Mike's kickoff returns consistently put Tom's team at the 49 yard line enabling many first down opportunities. 

As for Bill Greene, clearly a retooling is in order. He was beaten by Mike on two occasions (one resulting in a Help! cry that could be heard across Spoede School field) and was unable to respond defensively to Tom's well balanced attack.

Manchisi (who hinted at retirement prior to the game) may not yet pass down his #3 jersey to Sylvestri and is currently in contract talks for the 2004 classic.

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The Kid's game was extremely close and the team of young Tom Greene (Tom, Logan, James, Vic, ???, and Anthony) defeated Zach Greene (Zach, Brian, Zach Higdon, Jacob, ??? and ???) by a score of 20-18 (yes they played by ones!) Young Brian Manchisi and Zach Higdon played outstanding games in a losing effort and young T-Bones friend Logan captured MVP honors in the kid's classic.

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Letters to the Editor


It was a good performance fought but lost by the team of Zach. After looking back at the Turkey Bowl this year, I found it disappointing that a couple of high-school athletes couldn't lead a team with a great draft ( Including Brian and Zach's friend ) couldn't beat a couple of linemen. This is the second year in a row I have emerged victorious in this holiday classic. I believe I should be named Turkey Bowl MVP because toward the end of the game most of my team had pretty much given up. ( Except yours truly )     

                            Peace and God Bless, T Bone

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