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Turkey Bowl - 2017

Zach Greene takes back the Turkey Bowl!!

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team


Left to Right - Bill, Mitch, Wes, Chris, Zach, Ryan, Zach, Cory, Clayton, Brian


The Losing Team





Left to Right - Chris, Anthony, Garrett, James, Andrew, Trevor, T-Bone, Tommy

It was a game fitting of what was supposed to be the 50th Anniversary of the Turkey Bowl. However, quick math shows that this was actually the 51st but Zach Greene drafted and coached his team to a 5-4 victory over young T-Bone, snapping a 4 game winning streak from Tommy.  Mitch Greene (aka Captain America) served as honorary captain and Ubered (you had to be at the pregame) his team to victory.  Zach will receive a "W" for the game as he played one down, and threw an interception to avoid Anthony Gatti's pass rush and another potential year of rehab.

Brian Manchisi was named MVP catching 3 touchdown passes and Cory played another outstanding game as QB despite an ankle injury in the second half. Zach Higdon and Chris Mansfield also caught touchdown passes with Zach catching the winning one after the defense came up strong holding T-Bone on 4 successive downs. The game also included an appearance by elder statesman Tom Greene (now the oldest player to play in a Turkey Bowl) and even included members of WITE LITE singing the national anthem. T-Bone caught 2 touchdown passes and Anthony and Andrew also caught 1 each (Anthony caught a few that were deemed out of bounds) and Garrett Bruce played a strong game before coming up with an ankle injury late into the second half.

I t was an excellent game and was capped by pregame at China in Bombay and postgame peppers and eggs at Aunt Mary's which has now become a tradition - and if you are an elder statesman like myself, the best part of the Thanksgiving Tradition.

Well done boys!!!

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