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Turkey Bowl - 2022

 (Video below)
T-Bone takes the 2022 Turkey Bowl 5-2.

The 28 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



Left to Right - Brian, T-Bone, Chris, Mikey

The Losing Team





Left to Right - Ben, Andrew, Clayton, Sean, James

Only 9 Players showed up for the 2022 Turkey Bowl (It should have been 10 but young Zach Higdon was a last minute no show citing weather conditions that never materialized!) and T-Bone's team convincingly defeated captain Clayton Greene's team by a lopsided 5-2 score. The game had very little defense with the 4 on 4 format and Chris took MVP honors with 3 touchdown receptions and an interception that left a mark on Clayton's chest from bouncing off. Captain T-Bone Greene put in a masterful performance as coach and quarterback with 4 TD passes (Mikey caught the other one) and a touchdown run that left some on the sidelines questioning the MVP choice reminiscent of Bill Greene's oversight many years back for a similar performance. T- Bone's win ties him for most wins in the standings as recorded since 1998 .

Clayton's team had a few highlights including Andrew's kickoff return for a touchdown (a first in the modern age of T-Bowl) and Sean Greene put in a strong performance that will elevate his draft status in 2023. A dropped TD pass by Ben was an early turning point in the game.

A new Turkey Bowl trophy was unveiled for the 2022 game that T-Bone, Chris, Brian and Mikey had the honor of drinking from in its inaugural unveiling. 

Kudos to Zach and Allie Greene for continuing the time  honored tradition of peppers and eggs afterwards in tribute to Mary Greene, who we lost only a month ago. She would have been proud.

Hopefully a stronger turnout will be in store for 2023 as T goes for his 10th win, Zach Greene ponders a return to the field, and a Legends game is in discussion. (and a GoFundMe is being planned to buy Zach Higdon some rain gear :))

Turkey Bowl Standings (2022)

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