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Turkey Bowl - 2010

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The kids are slowly taking over the Annual Turkey Bowl, but Mike Manchisi had one last hurrah, claiming MVP honors and leading the team of Zach Greene, Brian Hayes, Brian Manchisi, Eric, Andrew and Jeff to a 5-4 victory over T-Bone Greene, Jeff and Raffaelle Gatti, Buckwheat, Mike, Joey and Zach Higdon. Bill Greene, who tore his achilles tendon earlier in the year has made remarkable progress but chose to sit out the event and took Most Valuable Photographer.  Manchisi's first pass of the game was almost intercepted and resulted in a collision between Brian and Higdon that almost took both players out for the game. After that, he threw for 4 touchdown passes to the two Brians, Zach and Jeff, who beat Raffaelle Gatti long to end the game. Zach Greene also threw for a touchdown to Brian Manchisi on an option play.

Brian Manchisi's defense prompted chants of "Revis" as he shut down Joey for most of the game. Zach Higdon, who received two MVP votes in a losing performance was outstanding making 4th down circus catches in the endzone, though regrettably as shown in the standings, he is the only 3 time player not to win an adult game. Andrew on the other hand, has quietly risen to the top of the standings at 4-0.

Young T-Bone had a strong game at quarterback and threw only one interception but his defense could not stop Zach Greene's team after the first possession.

Bill Greene, who voted for Zach Hgdon as MVP is still reeling from his 2004 5 TD performance where he wasn't named MVP. The judges are going back to review the tapes as given his recovering tendon, it is unlikely that he will be able to vie for an MVP in the future. Manchisi, who captured his 3rd MVP and had hinted at retirement, may put the jersey back on to go for an unprecedented 4th MVP, so long as he has the power of the pen.

Happy Thanksgiving All.

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