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Turkey Bowl - 2019

T- Bone takes the 2019 Turkey Bowl 5-3 (Video below)

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team



Left to Right - Sean, Garrett, Chris, T-Bone, Clayton, Andrew


The Losing Team





Left to Right - James, Vc, Ben, Brian, Wes, Zach(s)

On a cold Thanksgiving morning, T-Bones team won the 2019 Turkey Bowl by a score of 5-3. Down 3-2 at the half, they came back to score three unanswered touchdowns with help from referee Bill Greene who ruled Brian's catch while the score was tied 3-3 to be out of bounds. ​ It was a potential turning point in the game, though an interception Brian on the following series could be argued to have negated it. 

With Corey and Evan sidelined for the game, MVP Garrett Bruce and Zach Higdon took quarterbacking honors and while there were a number of turnovers by interception, both played well. Garrett ran for two touchdowns and through to Chris, Clayton, and T-Bone for the others taking home MVP honors, the final touchdown being a coast to coast run. Andrew had a very strong game with two interceptions and all in all T-Bone's team played well across the board.

Captain Wes (in for Zach Greene who is on indefinite injured reserve) played an exceptional game with two touchdown catches and Brian Manchisi was very strong defensively and offensively. On the line, Ben was outstanding - giving Zach forever to throw the ball and had this writer's vote for MVP should they have one the game.

A good well-played game with NO INJURIES. Though I think the boys will rethink the 6 on 6 with no subs for 2020; A number of them looked pretty winded out there!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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Turkey Bowl Standings (2019)

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