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Turkey Bowl - 2002


The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here




The Winning Team




A weak turnout results in no Greene being represented on the winning team for the first time!

With Tom Greene in IOWA (Idiots Out Walking Around), the captain honors turned to Mike Manchisi and Bob Greene. After Mike picked John Sylvestri first (strategically putting down two fingers in the odds and evens shootout), Bob Greene picked his older brother in an apparent nod to "family ties" and ultimately decided the game before the opening kickoff. Mike immediately picked Sean and Mike's two first picks ultimately were the deciding factor in the game. The team of Mike, Sean, John, Raffaelle and Jeff (above) defeated Bob, Bill, Brad, Eric and Mike (below) by a score of 5-3.

In another first, the MVP honors were shared by Sean and John. Sean threw for 3 touchdown passes and ran one in himself while Sylvestri caught two touchdowns and made a circus catch that kept the final drive going, ultimately leading to the winning score. Sean (now a two time MVP) was accurate all day long and his play calling from the line left the defense wondering.

The day was off to a questionable start. Bill Greene, had clearly not maintained the coveted TBowl trophy, the start time of the game was unclear, and the Spoede School venue was closed off to construction. With Tim on the sidelines (fully recovered from last years knee injury though now nursing a sprained wrist) the draft included more of the younger folks than ever.

Bob and Bill's team were down 4-1 at one point and did manage to come back to make the game interesting with two unanswered touchdowns. But Mike's team drove down the field and after a third down circus catch by Sylvestri at the goal line, John hit Raffaelle on 4th down to seal the victory.

Onlookers will be questioning the draft for the next year, and it's ironic that Greene's ringer based draft of 2001 came back to haunt him in 2002.



The Kid's game was extremely close and the team of Zach, Brian, Matt and Anthony defeated the team of James, Will, Vic, Ryan, and Tyler by a score of 13-12. With little TBone in IOWA, captain honors shifted to the young Manchisi boys, and Brian's team proved victorious. MVP Zach Greene threw for 9 touchdowns and rushed for 4 more with no interceptions. Brian also had a great game with 5 touchdown receptions including the game winning catch (see below).   

James Manchisi's team proved a tough opponent and James threw for 9 touchdowns and rushed for 3 with two interceptions. Vic Lombardo also had a great game in a losing effort. With the score tied at 12, the kickoff was fumbled and after a big pile up, Anthony came away with the ball. This proved critical as Zach led his team in for the final score and game winner.

Hopefully, 2003 will see a return to tradition with the young Greene boys going against each other as well as the not so young Greene boys.

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Photo Gallery (Click for a larger picture)

tbowl2002 18.jpg
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Letters to the Editor


I think I should be MVP instead of zach.Who else would throw the touchdowns.Ask all the adults they will say Brian MVP.

Brian Manchisi



I think that Will had the ball before Anthony and that play was way to vital to the game.Zach deserves to be MVP. He threw like 9 tds and rushed 4.if he hadn't been on your team you wouldn't have won.

James Manchisi



Hey brian(teammate), Why are you whining about the MVP crown. Clearly I had the better stats and led our team to

victory (Zach 9 passing 4 rushing, Brian 5 receiving). Brian, you did have a great game but who else would

have thrown you those td passes. Remember, there is no I in team!!! James, stop complaining about the

call, in football it isn't the first one to have the ball, its the one that ends up with it. Can't wait

till' you get back next year TBONE! Later.

MVP Zach Greene 



It is always hard for me to get fired up for the game when my sissy brother is not allowed to attend and is forced to become an Idiot Out Walking Around. Be that as it may, I would like to mention three items not mentioned in the sites commentary for the 2002 turkey bowl game. 

1.)How the captains were picked...we decided to go with the worst looking jerseys. The chosen two...Mike, with his traditional schmarta # 3 Notre Dame jersey and Bobby with a White Sweater.

2.) Not one, but two dropped touchdown passes. (Yet our team never gave up) 

3.) My review of the draft.....Shit Sandwich!



I really must protest this ridiculous use of the term "Turkeybowl 2002".   The real Turkeybowl 2002 will occur tomorrow ( when it gets above 20) here in Iowa City, Iowa. Home, by the way , of the 9-1 Iowa Hawkeyes. My attorneys will be contacting you for this obvious copyright infringement. From the pathetic turnout at your so-called "Turkeybowl" , I can tell that your readers will be on pins and needles; breathlessly awaiting the results of the real Turkeybowl. I will be sending my personal assistant and Turkeybowl trophy creator Mikey "Two-times" Sullivan around to your abode to pick it up.  I suggest you give it to him. 


Recruiting help from the student body just to get enough warm bodies for a game.  A new low!!!!!!!!!  





Here are photos of the real Turkeybowl. The game was one by Team Hawkeykes 5-3. They consisted of Tom Greene, Eric Wall, Brian Wall, and all time quarterback, Michael Wall. Brian Wall, the youngest on the field was voted MVP. You viewers, obviously starving for results, will be thrilled with these pictures. I suggest you post them.





I suggest that you get rid or those weak pictures of the "turkey bowl". It looked like a game played in a small backyard to me! I also want big T

to admit that he would have much rather been in St. Louis!


MVP Zach Greene

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