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Softball - 2004

NJ evens the summer softball classic with a 7-3 win.

On August 8, NJ evened the softball series by defeating the world 7-3. The NJ Team of Kevin, Mike and Mike McNamara, Lauren, Meagan, Ryan, Brendan, Eric, Jim McNamara, Joe, Ryan, Connor and Bob McNamara defeated the World team of Mike, Frank, Richie, Paul, John, Frank, Danny, Zach, Matt, Andrew, Mike, John, James, Patrick, Bud, Billy and Brian. The World's active offseason resulted in an extremely deep lineup which failed to deliver throughout the game and Mike McNamara's pitching and Brendan McNamara's fielding stopped any chances of a rally on numerous occasions.

The deep lineup of the World team resulted in managerial challenges for Manchisi in order to comply with the substitution rules. Short center also proved to be a key position as New Jersey peppered the position for a five run inning to erase the World's 2-0 early lead. The World closed to 7-3 and with the bases loaded, Zach Manchisi hit an infield popup that Kevin Finnegan made a diving tag to close out the inning. New Jersey could have further extended the lead late in the game though Danny Lenhardt's throw to Zach nailed Ryan McNamara at the plate on the somewhat debated play of the game.

Brendan McNamara took MVP honors and Mike McNamara Sr. pitched a strong game for New Jersey's win. Zach Manchisi took the loss though pitched well as fielding errors and well placed balls to short center were the differentiator.

The series is now tied at 2 and given that the offseason spending spree did not produce results, Manchisi's job as coach is clearly on the line. In a related story Ryan lost to Meagan in the dizzy bat race at the Lakewood Blue Claws game. 

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