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Cugini - 2009

It was the perfect prrsscption for a fabulous weekend at the third annual Cugini at Zach's place in Virginia. A group of 16 strong gathered for good times, pool, the pool, sand volleyball, golf and good eats and times. Friday night's baby blue attire and menu of lasagna and meatballs brought back the smells of Astoria kitchens and the evening trivia of one hit wonders and debates over best band, bass, drummer and others (Kevin picked up best left handed rhythm guitar player for a band that had member's present at Cugini) was the major conversation piece. The evening's pool included Virginia rules which Kevin has yet to comprehend prompting the "what planet are you from" line at numerous times throughout the contest.


Saturday's morning poolside activities were superb with Kevin having a bloody good time (reprised on the first tee) and in the golf contest, the team of John and Tom Greene and Matthew and Peter Manchisi won the scramble with a two over par performance. The lightening siren went off on the second hole which prompted this writer to think we were done for the day (although I got off a few good shots, the divot that outdistanced the ball shot will be most remembered) though the weather cleared and it turned into a great day. John Greene handled the pressure superbly as the gallery watched him select a shot over the sand trap versus the easier longer chip shot, only to see him lay it up about 3 feet from the hole. Pete capped the win by sinking the put and plans are already underway for team selection for 2010, with captain Bill Greene's A player status most at risk. He and Frank had club selection debates which sunk the team on the final few holes. Sand volleyball followed and no one got hurt and the day was capped with a dinner of crabcakes and filet mignon and more good times with family.


Thanks to Zach again for hosting. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. Special thanks to Margaret for letting us have the place for the weekend. We were all thinking of you and are most appreciative.

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