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Cugini - 2010

With a two under par, the team of Captain Tom Greene, Kevin, and young Matt and Mike Manchisi defeated the rest of the field by 4 strokes in the annual Cugini classic scramble in Ashton, VA . This was followed by the first ever trophy presentation as well as what is sure to be the new traditional "winners swim". Tom and Matt have now collected 3 wins in 4 Cugini sessions.


It was another fabulous weekend with Zach outdoing himself. Crabcakes and filet mignon on Friday followed by a Saturday swim, Kobe beef hotdogs (get them here), sand volleyball, Marg's lasagna, selections from Quadrophenia in the movie room, and the acapella concert featuring American Pie, Thunder Road, Born to Run, and Rosalita among others. There was pool playing as well though it was suspended Saturday evening due to fumes emanating from under the table. 

Thank you Zach, Margaret and God bless the Manchisi Cuginis. It was clear that Millie, Anna, Alice and Nina were all looking down and gracing us again with great weather (and by the way, if you haven't seen Johnny's tribute, be sure to click on this link) . 2011 promises to see new young entrants James Manchisi and T-Bone Greene and the hope that the young ones will perfect the diving board basketball shot that was tried unsuccessfully no less than 30 times during the Saturday night session.

....oh yes, and the favorite songs, 5 that come to mind

In my Life - Beatles

Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Jungleland - Bruce Springsteen

Spartacus - Triumvirat (that's the one that's in my 8th grade yearbook)

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