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Cugini - 2012

Cugini 2012 - "Destin"ation F&*K!

The annual Manchisi family trek to Virginia for Cugini was plagued with weather challenges. Mike and Bill were rerouted to Baltimore though Bill's golf bag (above) was not  which caused a lot of stress for Bill who needed the clubs for the Friday session. This peaked with Bill yelling "F*&K" into his Android phone which happily obliged to direct him from Baltimore Airport.  That and the second leg of the trip for many (Destin for a few days - some more conveniently than others) cemented  this year's theme.

Despite the lack of clubs (which arrived later Friday afternoon) Bill and John defeated Zach and Frank in the preliminary best ball match, complete with newly designed trophies (Pictures below). By 6 PM, all was well (except our gracious host who was a little under the weather). Young James (Dr. Feelgood) Manchisi was back behind the bar dishing mixed drinks, the entire family was together again, and lasagna and Mom's chicken were served.

Rain threatened the Cugini Open on Saturday but the game went on and John Greene captured his 3rd trophy with the team of John, Matt Manchisi (with an unprecedented 5th win in a row), and Eddie Morris and Tim Doyle (each recording  their first Cugini victory). While many in the crowd were pleased for Ed and Tim, there was no one (other than Matt and John) who were pleased for TEAM Humility. The winning score was a 2 over and while Zach Greene's team (Zach, Mike Manchisi, Richie and Pete Manchisi) also shot a 2 over, the tiebreaker went against them (though who in the Destination F&*K came up with the tiebreaker?). Many are pushing for an asterisk for this year's victory but rules are rules. In addition, John's team shot a double bogey on the 9th hole par 5 which meant that a par by Zach's team would have secured victory. However, the team couldn't get up and down, and yipped on the final hole. (Yes I said Yipped - I can't believe I am writing about golf!)

Tonight will be crab cakes, steak, beans, a trophy presentation and a good time with the greatest family in the world.



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